Weekend Activity Alerts

Kan Yilmaz
September 3, 2020

Is your team overworking? Do they feel the need to work late nights and weekends?

As engineering leaders it's critically important for us to protect our team from burnout and overwork. These issues can spread and cause long-term negative effects on our team culture, morale, and overall productivity.

Luckily, signs of burnout can be identified early on and prevented.

Here are some common indicators of potential burnout:

  1. High Weekend Activity
  2. Unusually High Workload
  3. Unbalanced Workload

In this article, we'll show you how to set up alerts for High Weekend Activity so you can be proactive about preventing burnout on your team.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Alerts

In the top right, click on the profile icon. Select 'Settings' from the dropdown

Select 'Alerts' from the Settings Sidebar to view your current alerts

Step 2: Click 'Add Alert'

Click 'Add Alert' to create a new alert.

Step 3: Select 'Daily Alert'

Select 'Daily Alert' which will display all the alert types included in the 'Daily Alert'. As you can see 'Weekend Work Increases' is automatically included.

Step 4: Select 'Recipients'

Select which 'recipients' you would like the alert to be sent to. In the below example I've set the alert to be sent to both Haystack Founders (Julian & Kan).

Note: These can be any email address and is not limited to Haystack accounts only.

Step 5: Select 'Teams'

Select which 'teams' you want to be alerted to. In the below example both Julian & Kan will be notified when the Backend Team is experiencing 'Weekend Work Increases'.

Step 6: You're done!

Now you can just sit and wait for those alerts to come through your inbox. You'll always be notified when your team is overworking on weekends.

Haystack helps engineering leaders identify blockers and trends. Instead of guessing if you're improving, or constantly bothering your team for progress updates, simply use Haystack to get alerts in your inbox every morning. Plus a dashboard to track improvements over time.

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Kan Yilmaz
CTO & Co-Founder of Haystack

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