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Research Backed Metrics

At Haystack, we’ve done all the homework for you. We’ve spoken to nearly 1k engineering leaders, read every piece of research on the topic, and taken the time to provide only measures proven to drive better delivery. We focus on core metrics like Cycle Time, Deployment Frequency, and Change Failure Rate while letting you deep dive into bottlenecks that impact each one.

As such, we only track delivery at a team level, while avoiding other misleading output metrics like “lines of code”.

Developer Culture

We take deliberate steps to not track individual engineers. We’ve seen that these types of measurements have proven to be invasive, stress-inducing and misleading indicators of success.

Ease of Use

Our simple dashboard and risk alerts make it easy to find actionable insights and help alert you to everything from delayed pull requests to potential overwork and burnout. Our focus on team-level delivery metrics, based on data-backed research makes us the most insightful and developer friendly experience in the market.

Superior Support

Our team of experienced engineering leaders is available on-demand to help answer any questions from ‘what metrics can I track’ to ‘how can I improve our code review’. 

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