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Deliver Software Faster, Better, and More Predictably

Haystack helps you automize best practices & create reports by linking to Git & JIRA

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Deliver better at every level

Works across whole product engineering team

Operational metrics
Report to execs
See where you spend time
Team health report
Help whose in need
Risks alerts
Identify blockers
Effective standups
Understand progress
Flexible Metrics
Report progress
Track roadmap progress
Understand capacity
AI Release Notes
Keep up to date
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Toolkit for product engineering teams

Improve the entire lifecycle of planning, executing, and reporting your deliverables

Understand why you missed your sprint goals
AI generated Release Notes
Streamline communication with outside your teams
Integrates with everything
Sits on top your Git and Jira
Epic progress
Prevent last minute roadmap delays
Catch risk before it’s too late
Flexible report
Easy metrics across Git & JIRA
Effective standups
Get status updates in 10 second

Trusted by 100s of companies

Will Truong
Head of Engineering at Doxel

Haystack has been a game-changer for us. Unlike other tools, which can sometimes be misused in a top-down approach that reduces team trust and engagement, Haystack fosters trust across the organization. It avoids turning team members into numbers and instead ensures everyone is on the same page. Teams see what executives see, promoting transparency and collaboration.

Ronan Reilly
Head of Platform at Air Apps

Haystack helped us realize the potential for improvement. It was an eye-opener. It helped us manage scope better, leading to more consistent delivery and success.

TJ Andrews
Engineering Manager at Bubble

Haystack transformed my approach to planning and managing tasks. With clear capacity estimations and investment visibility, I no longer dread the quarterly planning process. My team’s efficiency has skyrocketed, allowing us to hit goals with confidence and ease!

Denali Lumma
Director of Engineering at Box

We decreased our cycle time from 40 days to 3 days using the insights from Haystack

Chris Downwards
VP of Engineer at GigSmart

Haystack has become my go-to tool for monitoring and optimizing our engineering output. The way it simplifies complex data into actionable insights is phenomenal. It truly empowers our team to stay ahead of potential issues.

Tales Cione
Head of Engineering at Heyjobs

I’m impressed with how Haystack facilitated our delivery check-ins and improved our team’s delivery practices. It provides clear, actionable data that helps in making informed decisions quickly. It’s more than a tool; it’s a partner in enhancing our team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Deliver Software Faster, Better, and More Predictably