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Haystack - Ship faster and improve dev happiness | Product Hunt
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We Know What Works

Use our expertise to help you win.

REAL-TIME Insights

Proven Techniques

Most transformations fail. We've collected data from elite engineering teams and successful DevOps transformations to understand what truly works. We've leveraged this expertise to provide actionable insights to improve flow.

Gain Predictability

Manage hidden delivery risks.

Actionable Insights

Regular, automated, actionable alerts.

Experience Satisfaction

Healthier Teams

Gain the satisfaction from visibility into delivery with automated release notes, without the overhead of manually collecting data.

Milestone Tracking

No more manual tracking docs.

Automated Release Notes

Get notified to potential issues.

Complete Visibility

True Visibility

Data based on subjective insights like surveys can not only be time consuming to collect, but also contain cognitive biases limiting effectiveness. Gain objective visibility at the source.


Spur meaningful conversations.

Sprint Reviews

Painlessly identify unforeseen risks.


Integrated with tools you already know and love.

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I've tried just about every one of these tools and ended up choosing Haystack. Easy to use, no fluff and I love reading insights with my morning coffee

Jean-Vicente De Carvalho

Haystack has helped us spot bottlenecks and issues faster than ever before. The team has never felt so productive.

Joel Spitalnik
VP of Engineering

This is the product you thought of while reading Accelerate. We can experiment and make more changes - while knowing we're headed in the right direction

Gady Pitaru

Simple. Easy to use and lets you to dig in if you need to. No fluff metrics or 'big brother' reporting.

Robert Hucik
SVP, Cloud Solutions
Haystack - Ship faster and improve dev happiness | Product Hunt
Customer Case Study

Learn how developer metrics can supercharge your team!

“We went from one deployment every nine days to one deployment every 1.5 days over the year. And that was truly, truly incredible to see.”

Denali Lumma saw Project Ronin deliver software 90% faster within 6 months!

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Integrated with tools you already know and love.


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