Haystack vs. LinearB

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Haystack vs. LinearB

Haystack or LinearB?

Haystack is the best tool for engineering leaders looking to improve delivery using proven measures such as Cycle Time, Deployment Frequency, and Change Failure Rate. With a strong focus on team-level delivery metrics, we are also enable the most developer friendly experience.

LinearB is great for managers who want to track developer’s daily activity and work patterns. 

Metrics and Presentation

Haystack provides a carefully selected set of research-backed metrics proven to be effective in improving software delivery. Our dashboard provides real time insights into how process changes affect your teams performance and are ideal for Dev Leaders trying to improve their teams. 

LinearB is great for executives that want reporting on how their teams performed, including team help and time distribution.

Developer Culture

At Haystack we firmly stand against the notion that individual level metrics can provide actionable insights and believe that they cause more damage to work culture as they are invasive, stress-inducing and misleading. As such, we only track delivery at a team level delivery. We also provide additional insights to aid managers preventing harmful things like burnout.

LinearB reports on individual number of Pull Requests completed, work carried over, work hours and work activity.


We have a dedicated support team of experienced engineering leaders available on-demand from our Slack Community. Every Haystack user has a dedicated private slack channel with our team of experts to help you deep dive into your data and teach you how to improve delivery. 

LinearB provides basic chat/email support and ”premium support” available only in their enterprise tier.


Haystack is the only tool that doesn’t read, store, or persist source code. We use the GitHub API to pull metadata such as timestamps and commit messages to produce all our insights. We also maintain industry best practices to ensure that all user information is safe.


Haystack is charged on a monthly basis with each contract renewed at the end of the month, with our entry price at $25 per developer a month. 

LinearB is free for teams with less than 8 devs. For larger teams they charge $100 a month for the first 10 devs and $25 for every developer after that. 

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