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Haystack and Jellyfish are very different tools. Jellyfish focuses on enabling financial reporting of engineering teams for financial teams, and charge a premium for these features whether you need them or not.

By contrast, Haystack focuses on helping developer teams actually deliver software. Delivering timely and actionable insights to improve delivery, whilst also offering reports of North Star metrics as needed.

Real Insights Over Financial Fantasy

Haystack provides insights which are demonstrated to improve delivery through scientific verification and our own validation. These insights are focussed on helping engineering leaders enhance the flow of work, to encourage healthy engineering practices and help ultimately deliver work that satisfy customers.

By contrast, Jellyfish focuses on reporting that is designed to satisfy the taxman and accountants.


We have a dedicated support team of experienced engineering leaders available on-demand from our Slack Community. Every Haystack user has a dedicated private slack channel with our team of experts to help you deep dive into your data and teach you how to improve delivery. 

Jellyfish provides basic chat/email support and ”premium support” available only in their enterprise tier.


Haystack is the only tool that doesn’t read, store, or persist source code. We use the GitHub API to pull metadata such as timestamps and commit messages to produce all our insights. We also maintain industry best practices to ensure that all user information is safe.

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