April 28: Team Accounts & Sprint Progress 🎉

Kan Yilmaz
March 29, 2023
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April 28: Team Accounts & Sprint Progress 🎉

🙌 Invite Team Members 🙌

Are there other people on your team that want to use Haystack?

You can now invite team members to Haystack!

We're offering unlimited team accounts to get:

  1. Dashboard Access
  2. Alerts

If you'd like to invite other members so they can view the dashboard and get alerts, just email julian@usehaystack.io or reply to this email!

📈 Improved Sprint Burndown Chart 📈

We've gotten a lot of feedback about our Sprint Report. Namely that our Burndown chart wasn't giving too much useful information. We agreed.

Since then we've removed the original burndown chart, which was displaying open pull requests over time and have replaced that with merged pull requests over time (Throughput) to give you a better sense of how your sprint is progressing throughout the week.

You now have a day-to-day view of how your Sprint is progressing along with a nice comparison to the previous sprint!

Check it out!

💡Improvements 💡

  • Some of our power users have recently hit our throttling limits (used to protect the system from misuse) so we've bumped up our limit to allow for as much scoping and exploring as you need.
  • 'Activity Heatmap' now includes additional activity such as PR Opened and PR Merged to give a better sense of when your team is most productive.
  • Sprint Report > Pull Request Table displays 'Completed At' as empty when the PR is in open state
  • Sprint Report > Contributor Timeline now shows PR 'repository' and 'state'

⏰ In Case you missed it ⏰

  • ⚙️Regex support - If you'd like to ignore certain Pull Requests from your metrics like "WIP" or "dependabot", send an email to support@usehaystack.io and we can add Regex Filters to remove these pesky Pull Requests
  • 🔎Improved scoping - You can now scope by any combination of date / repo / team / member
  • 👀Enhanced discovery - Click on any Macro Trend graph to see which PRs were working on in that time
  • ⚠️Throughput Update - Throughput now == Merged Pull Requests
  • 📰Product Page - Keep up to date with feature releases here!

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