Aug 17: πŸŽ‰ Team Scoped Alerts & Dashboard πŸŽ‰

Kan Yilmaz
May 12, 2021
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πŸŽ‰ Team Scoped Alerts & Dashboard πŸŽ‰

It's finally here!

You can now configure Haystack to match your team's setup. Create teams and add members so you can slice and dice the data the way you want to see it.

Scope your alerts and dashboards by your actual teams so you can see how the 'Front End' team is doing this week compared to last.

Go to the Settings > Teams page to configure your teams now!



βœ… Select Repositories βœ…


Tired of seeing your list of 100 repositories when you really only work on a few? Well now you can get rid of those pesky old repositories!

Select which repositories you care about by going to Settings > Repository page!



🏷 PR Labels 🏷

Want to see how long bugs take compared to features? What about pull requests labelled 'hotfix' or 'scope creep'?


Now you can filter, sort and search by pull request label and check out how these pull requests differ from the pack.



πŸ‘€ PR Attributes πŸ‘€

Sometimes it's tough to understand 'why' a pull request has a higher Cycle Time. It's also tough to see which pull requests may be higher risk at any given time.

PR Attributes help with that.

View PR Attributes on any pull request to see which are higher risk and understand why particular pull requests take longer than others.



πŸ‘€ PR Comments πŸ‘€

Curious how many comments your team typically makes on a PR? Any pull requests stuck without any reviews? Any pull requests with a strange amount of back-and-forth?

Check out PR Comments to get a better picture!


πŸ’‘Improvements πŸ’‘


  • Updated some dashboard styling themes
  • Refactored permissions and roles to accomodate more flexible sharing
  • Data processing 1.5x speed increase
  • Bigger, better servers to handle growing usage

⏰ In Case you missed it ⏰

  • Invite Team Members - If you'd like to invite other members so they can view the dashboard and get alerts!
  • Weekend Activity Alerts - We've included a 'Weekend Activity' alert (in beta) to help signal when your team is overworking on the weekends.
  • Toggle Daily and Weekly Alerts - Now you can toggle daily and weekly emails based on which are the most useful for you!
  • Product Page - Keep up to date with feature releases here!


πŸ™ We use your feedback, seriously. πŸ™

It's time to think about the future.

The current version of Haystack is just the tip of the iceberg. Our goal is to help teams improve with actionable data. Our mission is to help improve software delivery and healthy practices on teams.

To do that we need your help.

..and it starts with a quick 6 question survey (takes less than 5 minutes)

If you have any questions feel free to reach out directly to julian@usehaystack.io.

p.s. I read and reply to every message that comes my way.

- Julian, CEO & Cofounder


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Kan Yilmaz
CTO & Co-Founder of Haystack

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