August 25: πŸ”– Improved Mean Time To Recovery & More πŸ”–

Julian Colina
August 25, 2022
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🧭 Team Filters for MTTR 🧭

Mean time to recovery is an essential metric in incident management as it shows how quickly you solve downtime incidents and get your systems back up and running.

Now Haystack supports team filters for MTTR when tracked via JIRA.

Explore MTTR

⭐ Improved JIRA Assignment ⭐

Assigning correct JIRA accounts for all your Git members allows Haystack to calculate your engineering metrics more accurately and give you better insights.

We have improved our assignment page to only show members who are part of a Haystack team, essentially hiding non-engineering members.

Assign JIRA Members


πŸ’‘ Improvements πŸ’‘

  • JIRA alerts will now be snoozed automatically for a week if you close them
  • Filters now persist between settings pages
  • Improved Opsgenie Integration page

πŸ•· Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Gitlab comments had the wrong author name.
  • Fixed a bug where some commit member usernames were not populated for Gitlab and Bitbucket

⏰ In case you missed it ⏰

  • 🧰 Improved Full Resolution Time 🧰

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CEO & Cofounder of Haystack.

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