Feb 17: πŸ”– Add-Ons, SSO improvements and more πŸ”–

Julian Colina
February 17, 2022
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πŸ“Š Add-Ons πŸ“Š


At Haystack we aim to allow you to focus on the most important data, without distractions. To this end, we’ve created an Add-ons page with the following inside:

  • Metric Hall
  • Activity Heatmap
  • Sprint

We have additionally added 2 new pages.


With Query Builder, you'll be able to correlate any data Haystack has, in any format, time period and frequency; additionally you'll be able to group on any metrics and visualise the results using 6 different graphing methods.

Try Query Builder Now


Understanding where your bottlenecks are is key to improving performance. With the Team Delivery page, you can understand where to invest more resources across your organisation.

Check Your Team Delivery Now

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» UI Improvements πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


We have updated the UI to be much cleaner across the app; from the sidebar and help centres to the settings page.

πŸ” Enforce SSO and JIT Β πŸ”


At Haystack security is always a top priority. We are now supporting:

  • Enforce SSO - forcing all your organization to use SSO.
  • Just In Time (JIT) account creation - Haystack will create a new account for any user who has access to SSO provider.

Check out the 12 SSO providers that Haystack supports. You can configure Enforce SSO via the security page.

πŸ’‘ Improvements πŸ’‘

  • Changed Member role into Viewer role
  • Improved Viewer role to be able to see all the settings, but not having ability to edit them
  • Improved welcome emails sent to new users
  • Improved date picker to show 2 screens
  • Improved filter dropdown to be more intuitive to use
  • Increased server capabilities
  • Improved welcome email
  • Improved date picker
  • Added default annotations for all users on when a quarter starts

πŸ•· Bug Fixes πŸ•·

  • Fixed bug on modals overlapping for new invited accounts
  • Fixed bug where merge commits would show as Merge Without Pull Request risk.
  • Fixed bug on Bitbucket cycle time calculation
  • Fixed bug on Bitbucket where username would show as id rather than the name
  • Fixed bug where trend line would show incorrectly when date scope was changed a few times
  • Fixed bug where duplicate team members were shown in teams page
  • Fixed bug where integrating Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket would redirect to wrong page
  • Fixed bug where commit without pull request would not respect merge shas
  • Fixed bug on slack notifications not showing more than 100 channels
  • Fixed bug on slack notifications giving error when token is invalid

⏰  In case you missed it  ⏰

  • 🦊 Gitlab and Bitbucket πŸͺ£
  • πŸ’€ Idle Pull Request Risk πŸ’€
  • πŸ‘€ Preview Deployment Settings πŸ‘€
  • πŸ›  Inactive Members πŸ› 
  • ⚠️ Finding Risky Pull Requests ⚠️
  • πŸ” Security Tab πŸ”

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