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Introducing Query Builder

Query Builder

At Haystack, we pride ourselves on curating proven metrics that help create positive change in engineering organisations. However, we understand every engineering team is different. Sometimes it is important for one team to be able to visualise correlations that wouldn’t seem logical for another team.

To allow our customers to directly run these one-off queries, we created Query Builder. Query Builder provides direct access to the Engineering Productivity data held by Haystack, allowing you to search, sort, filter and explore it in a way that suits you.

Example Developer Metrics

Below is a list of examples on how you can use the Haystack Query Builder:

  • Identify the repositories with the highest Cycle Time in your company
  • Check if larger Pull Requests take longer to merge
  • Identify Pull Requests which were merged with less than 2 reviews
  • Show the trend in the number of comments per Pull Request over time
  • Count the number of active developers in your team
  • Visualise the number of commits per Pull Request
  • Which teams have the longest Cycle Times?
  • Cycle Time improvement by financial quarter
  • Which commits were approved without the reviewer spending sufficient time?
  • What percentage of Pull Requests don’t end up merged?
  • Floating Commits - How many commits are pushed without a Pull Requests?

With Query Builder, you can visualise almost any data that Haystack has. The one exception is that we intentionally decided not to surface metrics that enable micromanagement. Specifically, we don’t allow data to be grouped by individual engineers.

At Haystack, we know the evidence is clear that micromanagement is harmful, therefore we have intentionally decided not to surface these metrics, as doing so would only do more harm than good for our customers.

Learn More

If you are already a Haystack customer, reach out to a member of our team at to learn more about Query Builder. If you are not already a customer, you can start a free trial to try Query Builder.

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