July 13: πŸ”– Performance Report & More πŸ”–

Julian Colina
July 13, 2022
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πŸš€ Performance Report πŸš€

β€œIf you adopt only one agile practice, let it be retrospective. Everything else will follow”

- Woody Zuill, Agile Coach

Regular retrospectives help teams perform better over time. With performance reports, Haystack helps create retrospective reports over any time range you require- be it quarterly or weekly.

If you’d like our team to run the report and give additional context on industry benchmarks, personalized advice & more, please reach out to support@usehaystack.io

Create Report


🧽JIRA Alerts 🧽

Making sure all your pull requests are tagged with a JIRA ticket is an essential step toward making sure there is no hidden work going into production.

We added JIRA alerts that help you make sure that your teams are maintaining healthy JIRA etiquette.

JIRA Report


πŸ•· Bug Fixes

  • Fixed styling on alerts

⏰ In case you missed it ⏰

  • 🏷️ JIRA Pull Request Tagging Risk 🏷️

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