July 6: πŸ”– JIRA Pull Request Tagging Risk πŸ”–

Julian Colina
July 6, 2022
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🏷️ JIRA Pull Request Tagging Risk 🏷️

Having a JIRA ticket to track all your pull requests is an essential step towards making sure there is no hidden work going into production.

Now Haystack makes it easier to track pull requests that doesn’t have a tagged JIRA issue through our risks page and daily notifications.

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πŸ’‘ Improvements πŸ’‘

πŸ•· Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where pull request details page was not loading
  • Fixed a bug where old gitlab deployments were not fetched immediately
  • Fixed a bug where some migrated gitlab issues were not flagged merged

⏰ In case you missed it ⏰

  • 🐞 Change Failure Rate via JIRA 🐞

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Julian Colina
CEO & Cofounder of Haystack.

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