Sleuth vs Haystack

Loved by all, not just release engineers. Delivery focused tools your teams will actually use.
For teams of 20+ developers

Why teams choose Haystack over Sleuth

Focused on delivery, not just DevOps

We don’t offer vague ‘productivity stats’. Enable teams to unblock delivery, automate workflows, and improve every week.

All signal, no noise

We only provide key delivery metrics, proven to drive success. Get the insights you need and nothing more.

Built for teams, not just release engineers

Your teams drive delivery improvements. We’ve designed Haystack to enable better delivery, every day.
“This is the product you thought of while reading Accelerate. We can experiment and make more changes - while knowing we're headed in the right direction.”
- Gady Pitaru, CTO at BadgerMaps

Enable your teams, don’t just measure them

Dedicated tooling for leaders and teams.

Improving delivery isn’t about measuring teams, it’s about enabling them. Haystack offers dedicated dashboards, alerts, and insights for teams themselves. Helping them drive delivery improvements while giving leadership the visibility they need.

Improve delivery at every level.
Unblock delivery

Unblock delivery, every day

Real-time insights on blockers.

Weekly trends don’t improve delivery. Our team delivery portal gives teams daily insights on blockers impacting their sprint, issues, bugs, and code review.

Everything you need to keep delivery on track.

Actionable insights without the bloat

Focus on what matters, delivery.

We remove the vague, distracting, and harmful ‘productivity stats’ - focusing purely on improving delivery. Get weekly diagnostics of your delivery bottlenecks and concrete opportunities to improve.

Insights you’ll actually use

Showcase your real impact

Replace status updates with celebrations.

Drive continuous improvement by celebrating your achievements. Get automated release notes, milestone achievements, and status updates.

Drive a delivery-focused culture.
Join thousands of world-class teams

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