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Remove bottlenecks, optimize process, and work better together
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Uncover bottlenecks and optimize process with insights from GitHub.

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Haystack - Ship faster and improve dev happiness | Product Hunt
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Actionable Insights for
Engineering Leaders

Unblock your team, understand what's holding them back, and drive continuous improvement.

problem #1

Blockers Lead to
Frustrated Engineers

The same problems that slow delivery, frustrate engineers. From tech debt to context switching, see what's holding your team back and improve the developer experience.

Understand what's holding your team back.

problem #2

We Find Out Too Late

Managers can help, but we often learn about issues and blockers too late. It's hard to lend support to your team before they veer off track.

Highlight blockers and trends before they become problems.

problem #3

Gut Feelings Break At Scale

As your team grows, shoulder taps and one-off conversations don't show the full story. Making improvements to your team or process shouldn't be guesswork.

Spot trends and impact of process changes.


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I've tried just about every one of these tools and ended up choosing Haystack. Easy to use, no fluff and I love reading insights with my morning coffee

Jean-Vicente De Carvalho

Haystack has helped us spot bottlenecks and issues faster than ever before. The team has never felt so productive.

Joel Spitalnik
VP of Engineering

This is the product you thought of while reading Accelerate. We can experiment and make more changes - while knowing we're headed in the right direction

Gady Pitaru

Simple. Easy to use and lets you to dig in if you need to. No fluff metrics or 'big brother' reporting.

Robert Hucik
SVP, Cloud Solutions
Haystack - Ship faster and improve dev happiness | Product Hunt

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Integrated with tools you already know and love.


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