agile metrics

Agile metrics your dev team will actually use.

We integrate with Jira to give you the full story every sprint. Everything from completion rate to injections and epic progress - because burndown charts only go so far.
For teams of 20+ developers
Join thousands of world-class teams

Because your burndown chart isn't helping...

Velocity and burndown charts only tell part of the story, missed key insights into why rollover happens or what you can do about it.

Fully Integrated w/ Jira

Integrate your Jira and Git accounts in minutes, we do the rest.

We sync raw data from your tools using publicly available APIs. We'll never touch, read, or access your source code.

Fast, secure, and easy integrations.
Integrate in minutes

Best in Class Agile Metrics

Key trends across estimations, predictability, and completion rates.
We analyze trends across key aspects of software delivery so you can identify potential issues, debug delivery bottlenecks, and track core health metrics.

Stop flying blind. Prevent sprint rollover.

Weekly Sprint Reports

In-Depth Sprint Reviews.

We analyze every sprint and diagnose what you worked on, what rolled over, and core reasons why. We'll flag everything from high bug count and frequent injections to epic progress and sprint investments.

Ensure you're working effectively and according to plan.
Actionable insights

Key Updates and Alerts

Ensure progress in the right direction.

It's not enough to have high velocity or predictability. You must ensure you're making progress on your key milestones. We analyze your active epics to ensure you're on track every week.

Prevent last minute delays.

Automated Release Notes

Automated release notes for stakeholders.

We analyze your completed work every sprint to provide stakeholder friendly release notes. We crawl your issues, pull requests and convert them into meaningful updates ready to share with the team.

Stop wasting time buildling internal release notes.
Release notes

Metrics your teams will actually use.

Here's a quick sample:

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