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Predictable Software Delivery.

Automatic sprint reviews, milestone tracking and release notes.
Helping you deliver software with greater certainty.

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Haystack - Ship faster and improve dev happiness | Product Hunt
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Alerts & Insights for
Software Teams

Remove bottlenecks, optimize process, and work better together
with insights from your Github data.

Complete Visibility Into
Your Delivery Process

Remove what's holding your team back.

Continuous Improvement

Feel the Flow

Regular dopamine hits as you deliver work continuously with automated release notes, roadmap status tracking and proactive notifications. All powered by your JIRA and Git data.


Diagnose Bottlenecks

Track team health with proven insights covering completion, predictability and reliability. Gain clear visibility into potential problems before they happen. Understand where your engineering resource is being invested to track bug SLAs and keep menial work down.

automated reporting

Improve Team Delivery

Engage in meaningful discussions during your retrospective with reports that provide insights into your deliver, potential issues and progress.

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I've tried just about every one of these tools and ended up choosing Haystack. Easy to use, no fluff and I love reading insights with my morning coffee

Jean-Vicente De Carvalho

Haystack has helped us spot bottlenecks and issues faster than ever before. The team has never felt so productive.

Joel Spitalnik
VP of Engineering

This is the product you thought of while reading Accelerate. We can experiment and make more changes - while knowing we're headed in the right direction

Gady Pitaru

Simple. Easy to use and lets you to dig in if you need to. No fluff metrics or 'big brother' reporting.

Robert Hucik
SVP, Cloud Solutions
Haystack - Ship faster and improve dev happiness | Product Hunt

Integrated with tools you already know and love.

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Browse all analytics reports, user profiles, and much more in our mobile app. It’s free, and full-feature packaged to help you on the go.


Integrated with tools you already know and love.

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