actionable dora

DORA metrics, built for team adoption

DORA is built for DevOps teams, not feature teams. We've analyzed millions of data points to bring the spirit of DORA to the teams themselves.
For teams of 20+ developers
Join thousands of world-class teams

DORA isn't just for DevOps anymore. We make it actionable.

At the core DORA is simply measuring speed and quality, but metrics like "Change Failure Rate" and "Mean Time to Recover" are not only inactionable but 90% of teams have no control over them - we've given DORA a facelift.

Integrate Git & Jira.

Integrate your Jira and Git accounts in minutes, we do the rest.

We sync raw data from your tools using publicly available APIs. We'll never touch, read, or access your source code.

Fast, secure, and easy integrations.
Integrate in minutes

Actionable DORA Metrics

Key trends across speed, quality and and more.
Your team's have no control over legacy DORA metrics, they're built for DevOps teams. We provide actionable DORA metrics, converting Change Failure Rate & Mean Time to Recover to Bug Resolution - giving teams a quality metric the can actually control.

We make DORA actionable for your teams

Custom Dashboards: KPIs, OKRs, and Health Checks

Automate your reporting in minutes.

We provide mission critical reports out of the box but every team is different. Create your own custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations based on your goals.

Stop wasting time with manual report building.

Trend Analysis & Alerts: Uncover Hidden Issues

Identify your hidden bottlenecks.

After a certain scale it's impossible to keep an eye on everything; and 1:1s only go so far. We analyze trends across key delivery metrics to give you an early signal to new issues.

Never miss a critical bottleneck again.

Metrics your teams will actually use.

Here's a quick sample:

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