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Release notes in seconds

Turn your completed Jira issues into shareable release notes in one click. Sent to Slack weekly.

Don't spend hours summarizing Jira tasks

We use AI to summarize what your team has shipped. Sent directly into Slack every week.

Jira and Slack Integrations

Integrate in a few clicks.

We integrate with Jira to sync completed work. Then send your updates directly into Slack - so never have to leave your inbox.

Once you integrate, we handle the rest.
Integrate in minutes
Actionable insights

AI-Generated Release Notes

Auto-generated release notes.

We turn raw tickets and commits into simple, understandable release notes - to showcase your impact and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Celebrate and share your hard work

Weekly updates, directly in Slack

Weekly updates, directly in Slack.

We share what your team has shipped directly in Slack - to keep everyone in the loop.

Stop wondering what was shipped this week.

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